Android official xbmc remote I/O Exception - failed to connect


I am getting a failed to connect error on the official Android xbmc remote application. The actual error message looks like:

I/O Exception (
failed to connect to /XBMC Device Address (port 8080) after 5000ms: isConnected failed: EHOSTUNREACH (No route to host)


This error generally occurs after turning on your xbmc via wake on LAN functionality. The remote app attempts to establish a connection with the device before it is ready for it, hence the message. This is currently a bug in the official xbmc remote control application. As of this time, there is no proper solution to this problem, so until then we will have to bare this error message.

As soon as a fix is established this article will be updated. Until then we will have to ignore this for now.


  1. Workaround: Switch Airplane mode on and then off.

  2. check server's IP address. Verify same IP address is used in remote control. Found this to be my issue... DHCP gave my server a different address than what is hard coded in remote control (Samsung phone).